Jessica De Los Reyes

Hello guys! My name is Jessie. I grew up in my home town. I started travelling abroad when I was 19, in many years hence I have almost not been home.

I’m fond of playing golf and I have a passion for good food. I am quite a bit epicurean. And indeed, I love travelling. Japan was the first country I have visited. Not to mention, English have not spoken in Japan so it was not easy to communicate with the Japanese. Despite the fact of language-barrier difficulty, I had definitely seen that I would be going to like Japan. So, I struggled hard learning to speak Japanese. I was able to speak easy conversational in months to a year. The truth is that learning Japanese has been undeniably stressful rather interesting as well. Eventually, I have made many Japanese friends and taught them conversational English, in exchanged they taught me Japanese language and a few dialects as well. But becoming a fluent language speaker is a lifetime endeavour, in other words, expanding it will be an ongoing task.

I am residing in Nagoya for several years now. Nagoya is not a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, but I really like Nagoya because it has everything you need. It is convenient to go anywhere, good public transportation, not too crowded and comfortable to live in.

I really love travelling. I have visited many countries in Asia, the US, and Europe as well. They were all amazingly fascinating and interesting. However, after travelling in different countries I have come to the conclusion that Japan is the best and the safest country I have ever visited. The omotenashi and kodawari are excellent. The food is great. When we are talking about healthy and fresh food, Japan has much more to offer. Eating here is a pleasure, even at affordable prices.

In travelling the world, I definitely understand how important the communication is and how quite tough learning a second language to become a fluent speaker. I believed that “Practice Makes Perfect”ーKeep trying, never give up and you will definitely reach your goals.