Júlia Torrijos Ventura

Hello! I'm Júlia, I have 15 years oldand I live in Riudecanyes. I live with my parents, and my twobrothers, also I have a pet.

My father is called Jesús, he has 45years old and is trucker.

My mother is called Anna, also has 45 yearsold like my father, she's administrative.

My big brother is 20 years old and alsocalled Jesús as my father, just now he is studying computer scienceand for the driving licence.

My little sister is called Carlota, sheis the littlest. Only she is 5 years old and goes to the school ofprimary of Riudecanyes. I am the median of the three.

I have a cat named Perla, before had aother cat named Garfield, but he died.

I have many hobbies, one of them isdance. I love to dance since childhood.

Before it was doing aerobics and otherdances. Right now I do zumba, it is a modern and fun dance.

I like all kinds of modern dance andmoved. Classical and slow dance I don't like.

I also like listening to music,especially in English.

My favorite sports are basketball andvolleyball. Rugby I do not like, I've never liked.

I love crafts, especially drawing.