Jason B. Velasquez

I am a Professional Chef with a background in Japanese of 14+ years and a passion for all styles and cultures in the culinary world. After working under some of the Greatest Chefs on the west coast, I have acquired numerous skills that have aided me in becoming a respectable Chef in Oregon, California, Vancouver, BC and now in San Diego. I am always looking for new ways to better myself in not only the culinary aspect but in life in general. Sushi is my main backround but I love to cook. Something about an open flame, the sizzling of protiens, and melding of fresh herbs and ground spices rendering down into flavor perfection and satisfying ones taste buds.

I have cooked for numerous restaurants splitting time back and forth between the kitchen and sushi bar. I love what I do and do it to the best of my ability. I spent some time at Le Cordon Bleu before accepting a job in Canada that was supposed to open in LA.

I do caterings and small private parties as well as classes on Sushi and Japanese cuisine. I currently work for Sushi in the Ranch in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.