Jessie Wheatley

Jessie Wheatley

Yippee! I enjoy living in Eastern Canada! At 21 while flying over the Atlantic Ocean I wrote my bucket list...Yippee! I did visit 47 countries by fifty! Then I returned to PEI...

I've studied mathematics, productivity specialist, techie MEd (techie), coaching, & now I work with Dr Runyon and enjoy playing poker!

Now up to 35 locations for Poker games... I started with PEI Red Shores on PEI Aug 19th 2011 where I lost $18 with my knees shaking all thought my opening 1-2 game!

Halifax & Moncton Poker rooms quickly followed in summer of 2011... where I cashed in various tournaments. It's a fun sport and great pass time.

That fall I added a few local spots.... Reading lots of old school poker books.

December 2011 I made my 1st trip to Foxwood Poker Mecca in eastern USA where I bubbled the final days 2 tables cashing 19th among a field of 660 players... the FW locals nick named me the Widow Maker! I final tabled & won a tournaments of 95 players.

I've visited many poker rooms from Delaware Classic; Harrahs in Philly; The Bicycle & Commerce Casinos in California; WSOP in both Tunica USA & Hull Canada; Tampa's Dog park & the Hardrock; The Best Bet in Jacksonville Florida; so many in Vegas WSOP,,,

In the spring of 2013 I found the Playground Poker Club... where in May 2014 (1,439 players) I cashed 2nd for $22,975!

Spring 2015... In late May I cashed in the top 7% of the biggest poker game in History at The Rio in Vegas the WSOP Colossus 22,374 players... In mid June my 1st final table at PEI's Red Shores ... Late June I picked up my 1st Women's only win at The Golden Nugget in Vegas.

As they say the stage was set to start helping others achieve their personal bests....

We both know our BESTS are yet to arrive....

Life: Find an interest, Set some Goals, Get on the treadmill with a coach & GET Started!