Jason Wang

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Hello! I’m Jason and I have a strong passion for desk plants. Throughout my life, I have been denied a pet due to my family’s allergy to fur and years ago, I was stripped away from a cat so that I may continue to breathe. Devastated by allergies and the thought I never own something to take care of and love (I tried birds -- they were loud and boring), I turned to something most people would not call a pet -- a plant! The first plant that I received was a ginseng bonsai tree that I ordered online and was shipped from California. Through the trip from California to Georgia, it must have caught a disease because when I opened the package, my plant’s leaves were yellow and some leaves were dead. I began to furiously search the web for the cure to my plant’s illness, but I was unable to diagnose my plant. Day after day, I watched my plant reject my water and wither. My heart ached at the sight of its deterioration and I began to consider for a humane death until I noticed something up close. There were tiny white specks sitting on its roots and leaves. Through further research, I determined that it was a fungus attacking my plant. With now a diagnosis in mind, I treated it with anti-fungal spray every day and I watch anxiously for any results. While doing my routine treatment one day, I noticed that instead of the death of a leaf, a new leaf began to grow! It continued to show growth and within a few months, it had almost doubled in size! I now own three plants, each with their own names and story. Many people come home to their dogs or cats; I come home to my plants.

  • Education
    • University of Georgia