John Wambugu

Software Engineer in Nairobi County, Kenya

Hi, My name is John Waweru. I am a talented software engineer with 3+ years of experience living in Nairobi, Kenya. My main domain is Front-end development using vue.js and Angular. I also do backend development in node.js and python as well. I have some DevOps experience, I use travis CI and gitlab CI plus docker and Test Driven Development for effective CI/CD in my projects.

The programming and scripting languages I am good at are Typescript, JavaScript, Python and Shell scripting. I am a great node.js programmer, I love node.js very much and I have several libraries on

I am also an experienced django and flask web developer; I have supported systems built with these technologies for more than a year now.

Computer science is my passion. I am deeply fascinated by blockchain and distributed systems. I am also interested in high performance computing to perform VR, 3D modelling or Big Data. Programming Languages, Formal notation, Compiler Construction, Data Structure & Algorithms, Databases & Data Mining and Agile Development are the best topics I love to research on and learn about.

  • Work
    • 10Ten
  • Education
    • Multimedia University
    • eMobilis