Jackie Knechtel

Flow Master in Santa Barbara, California

Jackie Knechtel

Flow Master in Santa Barbara, California

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Hey there, I’m Jackie.

World traveler, personal development junkie and hobby hoarder.

I believe that the real fun happens outside of your comfort zone.

I’m 100% dedicated to helping ambitious entrepreneurs break through their fears to embrace the possibilities of life beyond limits through one-on-one mentoring, group workshops and life-changing retreats.

My friend calls me Genie, because I have a habit of making things happen, and quickly.

Truth be told, I am a master manifestor. I can teach YOU to tap into your strengths and breathe life into your dormant desires to help you overcome a stale, prescribed existence, giving you permission to start truly living the epic life you've always imagined.

I will help you clear through your emotional clutter and prioritize your desires in all aspects of life, love, health and career, giving you diamond sharp clarity for your soul path. I challenge you to stop living vicariously through others and start building more fun and adventure into your daily routine.
What if your Pinterest life wasn’t just fantasy?

I believe that life is not a spectator sport and I personally cram as much life possible into each and everyday. My adventures have taken me to over 50 countries!

From mountain climbing, trekking glaciers, jumping out of planes and staying with the Maasai, this belly-dancing black belt knows how to cut through your B.S. and kick your butt into gear (no roundhouse necessary).

I am passionate about helping people:

  • replace fear & self-doubt with confidence & self-love
  • cultivate their talents
  • find their dream career/discover their passion
  • improve relationships
  • travel and explore the world
  • upgrade limiting beliefs
  • add more adventure to daily routine
  • restore work/life balance and avoid burnout
  • break the cycle of emotional eating free themselves of sugar/foods addictions develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies
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  • Work
    • Founder of Pure Vibrant Living
  • Education
    • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine