Tony Jackson

Executive Coach, Photographer, and Consultant in London, United Kingdom

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Hi, I’m Tony. I’m an executive coach and consultant based in London (UK) - I own a small company (Chelsham Consulting) through which I, and associates, work with leaders & organisations as they seek to unlock their potential. My previous career was as an HRD.

Alongside this I'm also a very keen photographer - mostly amateur but possibly on the cusp of becoming semi-professional. Let's see.

My portfolio is dominated by black & white shots, street & urban photography, shots using the sky and other blues, architecture and then some travel work.

In positive psychology terms, photography is my 'third place'. I believe in channeling energy (or trying to) and mindfulness so regularly work on both including on retreats in other parts of Europe.

My passions are music, travel and cinema and, having worked in the charity sector, am often to be found campaigning on health, social justice and inclusion. I'm married to a wonderful guy from Piemonte and love all things Italian.

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