Jackson Meires

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Teacher in Natal, Brasil

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my name is Jackson, i'm Master's Degree in software engineering at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - (UFRN).

I live in Natal, Brazil. The web and mobile are my thing. My interests range from technology to web development and programming education, and innovation is my passion. I am a substitute professor of the Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN) in Information System and I was also professor of the technical courses of the Metropole Digital Institute (IMD) in Natal.

I would like very much to improve my English since I have plans to travel to, and work in, Canada. My hobbies are riding my bike, but playing my bass is the best.

I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ as the savior. You can click the button above to view my profile in LinkedIn.

  • Education
    • Master's Degree - Software Engineering at UFRN