Jacob Page

Brighton, England, United Kingdom

My name is Jacob Page I'm 16 years old and will be studying the International Baccalaureate in September this year, I'm a grade 8 classical guitarist, an accomplished photographer, a keen scientist and I love sports.

I love music and listen to almost everything, I have an extremely wide taste in different styles, genres and artists. I've been playing guitar since I was 5 years old and have a very musical and artistic family.

Photograhy is one of my favourite hobbies, my dad is an extremely good photographer and has taught me almost all I know about it. I currently ue a Pentax K-7.

Science and maths are probably my favourite subjects. At the moment I'm working on a project for the STEM national final competition in Birmingham June 2015. Check out my blog about it at www.telescopebuild.wordpress.com

I play all kinds of sport including tennis, rugby, golf, football, swimming and I love cycling.

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