Jacob Robinson

Denver, Colorado, United States

I'm a diabetic, comic book reading, animating, movie watching, peaceful, rock and roll loving, nerd-core rap listening, animal caring hippie with dreads. 'Nuff said.

Well maybe not... I have been a nerd ever since I can remember with some of my first thoughts being digging through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure bins at KB Toys, Toys R Us, and Walmart. I also still have each figure of them displayed in my room as well as ones from both of the new series.

I am an avid movie and TV buff owning over 2100 dvd's, which have mostly been bought used and collected the entire 27 years of my life. Futurama and Pink Panther are a huge part of who I am and always will be as I have Bender and Pink Panther tattooed on my wrist as a reminder of what my dreams are and of course to take care of my health as it is a medical tattoo for my diabetes.

Which brings up the point of that I have been a Diabetic since the young age of 8 in 1995 and have been battling this damn disease for years. It is not holding me back in any way but it still is quite a burden to take 2-3 shots a day to function normally. But through it all I take it with a grain of salt and laugh because if I used a spoonful of sugar to help my medicine go down, I may go into a diabetic coma. Not to mention if life were like a box of chocolates, I'd be dead.

In recent years I have begun pursuing my dream of animation in which I am pursuing both traditional 2D animation as well as Stop-Motion animation. At this moment I am writing and producing multiple films of my own to try and kickstart my career.

Besides all this though go check out the website Hush Comics as I and a bunch of awesome people review comics, shows, movies and write cool articles and stay tuned for the independent film I Am Alone where I star as a towns person who becomes a zombie.

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