Jacob Westenberger

Whitewater Wi

I am currently a senior year at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater where I have been pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, as a Marketing major. I am absolutely fascinated with innovative, strategic marketing campaigns that harness and amplify the true culture of a company. As a marketing professional I understand the process involved in effectively releasing this pent up underlying, potential brand energy. This energy, if effectively utilized, can slingshot your company above and beyond key competitors. I have the charismatic leadership skills to be a key contributor in a team environment in the identification and effective segmentation of current/potential target markets.

I have a constant thirst for broadening my understanding of not only the marketing industry, but my knowledge base in general of the world around me. I continually reevaluate conclusions of mine in order to grow my understanding of the inner workings of a thought or idea. I am a very strong advocate of process efficiency and believe that this is critical component of each and every position and team that makes up an organization as a whole.

I truly believe in everything I pursue in life, both professionally and non-professionally. In my opinion one cannot truly convey a message of a drummers beat that he does not walk to. Nor can one effectively harness the fine art that is creative efficiency without truly and honestly believing in his or her cause. The business world today is in dire need of compelling, compassionate ideas that focus on giving back to the world in a big way. This is the ideology I live my life by each and every day.

Key Question: What is your unique story? Let me convey this message like never before, let me build upon YOUR ideas and breed our success story. Together.

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    • Creative Marketing Unlimited
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    • University of Wisconsin Whitewater