Jacob Atkins

Jacob Atkins is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. While pursuing his degree, he is currently researching methods of managing and using a Beowulf cluster. In doing so he has developed methods that allow for rapid deployment of servers in a cluster type setup.

His first position working in Information Technology started in the Summer of 2006 and ended in December of 2010, with a research program located in Wise, VA.

During his tenure at the program he had held the titles of Senior Software Engineer and most recently Systems Engineer. Jacob began the task of finding ways to save money, in the technology budget, with the title of Systems Engineer. In doing so, he had created one, of if not the only, open source networks in his area. The network was 95\% open source. His design included the main office in Wise, VA and a branch office in Monterrey, Mexico. By switching to open source software, he had created a system that is simpler, faster, and cheaper.