Jacob Beckley

Chicago, IL

As VP of Innovation at Fusion92 Jake serves as an innovator and visionary for new products, technologies and concepts. Jake began working with Matt, Fusion92's Founder and President & CEO, in 2001. Since that time, Jake has helped the company expand its roots in the interactive space to become a full-service marketing agency. Today, Fusion92 is one of the fastest growing full service agencies in the world.

Jake has covered all aspects of concept development, project planning, technical production and interactive design for clients of all sizes. His professional repertoire includes software development, back-end integration, interactive systems integration, front-end and back-end web development, Flash development, 3D development, print design and production, prepress, visual design, system administration and production management.

Before working with Fusion92, Jake began his career in print production and graphic design. With the boom of the Internet, Jake changed his focus to all things interactive and digital. Having worked with some of the most talented and recognizable names in the industry, Jake has been able to develop a strong foundation in solid practices and proven strategies.

While with Fusion92, Jake has had the privilege of working with the largest brands in the world. Jake and his team have developed interactive campaigns for brands such as McDonald's, Sears, U.S. Cellular, H&R; Block and Disney. While the Creative Director of the Fusion92, the creative team was recognized with several outstanding awards, winning Adobe's site of the day, a Webby Award and other creative excellence awards.

Jake's role is to ensure that the innovative digital marketing solutions stretch the boundaries of design and technology, while striving to exceed the clients’ business objectives—and to maximize ROI. Jake prides himself on being on the cutting edge of technology and design, a first adopter and a brand advocate. He will continue to bring his varied expertise and creative curiosity to help exceed the next business objective.

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