Jacob Binkin

London, United Kingdom

Jacob Binkin graduated from the University of Leeds with Upper Second Class honors. He studied history and philosophy but already discovered the business world even before graduating. He has extensive experience which started when he was worked as Bussiness development director for Experian MicroAnalytics EMEA. He worked with clients in Africa and multiple other countries. Most of the services Binkin provided were micro finance solutions.

After that he worked at L 'Oréal managing two accounts in Tesco and Sainsburys. But Jacob learned a lot as the CEO for Beauty Slave Ltd, a company he founded in his final few months at university. He helped bring the company to success from birth. He worked with marketing, strategic plans, promotional plans, financial and sales activies all aiming to establish Dr. Kadir Laboratories as a premium skin care brand. In his public relations campaings, they targeted ABC1 demographic to create consumer awareness. He created a comprehesive training program aimed at incentivizing the sales team.

Currently, Jacob works at RFi, a global provider of customer and business intelligence. RFi focuses exclusively on banking and payments, specializing in data and information gathering, actionable insight generation and strategic decision support for the world’s leading banks.

Jacob Binkin also loves to read, specifically works by Hunter S. Thompson, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alexander Dumas and John Steinbeck. Jacob enjoys amateur boxing and plays in the Highbury Fields tennis league.

  • Work
    • Business Development Specialist at RFi
  • Education
    • Mill Hill School
    • University of Leeds