Jacob Charles Dietz

A man of exceptional, interdisciplinary talent, taste and interests, Jacob Charles Dietz is at once a certified genius of strategic design and creative direction, master of illustrative art, a passionate peace, environmental and community activist. He is blessed with the discipline, energy and natural curiosity that evokes true inspiration through his work. His eclectic, methodical ways of working have been called amazing by some and insane by others, but none will argue that the results he consistently achieves are nothing short of masterful. As an internationally published artist and illustrator working in both traditional and digital mediums, his work encompasses everything from future noir and science fiction, to topics of technology and the plight of man, making it very accessible to a broad audience. His illustrations have appeared on various book covers, posters and products as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers worldwide. Bridging the gap between the now and the then, Jacob’s work is constructed with layers upon layers of detail and almost always includes elements of the 21st century in whatever future he is depicting, making the foreign seem strangely familiar. Learn more and view his portfolio at JacobCharlesDietz.com