Jacob M. Cooper

South Suburb of Chicago

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I am a focused technology professional with valuable experience in educating students, teachers, and administrative staff. During the last 7 years, I have been diligent about integrating technology to cultivate 21st century skills and analyzing educational data to improve instructional strategies. My colleagues will assert that I am a trusted leader for both the technology and certified staff.

I am altruistic by nature and have had a giving spirit since I used a single digit to describe my age. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, encouraging and assisting those in need - whether family, friend, or colleague.

I am married with a new baby girl. I endearingly call her Piglet (my daughter, not my wife :-), because of her little ham hock thighs. I look forward to different types of exercise (mostly basketball, running, or biking) before she comes home from daycare or while sleeping.

My favorite season/place is the summer in Chicago! The multitude of festivals, activities, barbeques, pool parties, water sports, family gatherings and summer blockbusters are perfect to balance my work life. Though I continue to achieve and propel my life and career forward, it is the journey in which I revel.

  • Work
    • ECHO Special Education Cooperative
  • Education
    • B.S. Ind. Tech- Ed., M.S. Instr. Tech., M.Ed, Administration