Jacob Erickson

Project Manager, Fraud Manager, and Content Marketing in ברקלי, ארצות הברית

Hello to all!

I am a Risk Management professional from the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently moved to the area after beginning my career in the online gaming industry around the Tel Aviv area in Israel.

Why Risk Management?
I prefer to focus on the customer. I excel at payment disputes, but that's part of my over-reaching theme of dealing with customer loyalty. Making sure that wherever I am employed maintains a positive relationship with anyone they work with is my number one goal. Ideally, there shouldn't ever be a dispute, but I will investigate the root causes of any unhappiness in the customer base, resolve the issues that exist, and work to prevent them in the future.

I am ready to bring these valuable talents to benefit your company. I welcome our connection!

You may contact me directly - [email protected]

  • Education
    • BA in Business Administration