Jacobey Marquez Hooker

Lake Charles, Louisiana

My American name is "Jacobey Marquez Hooker" and My Tahitian name "J'hauri Mayne Monroe Taylor". Born in Maha'ena, Tahiti. Born on January 25, 1997 (16 yrs. old). Living in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. I came to the America, 10 months after birth. I have been here in America for 16 years and 2 months. I know little history of my Tahitian family, but I manage to still love my birth country. Tahiti is a French-Polynesia island, near Hawaii. The main language is French, but I know very little of the language. I live in the suburbs of Oak Park in Lake Charles. I attend Washington-Marion Magnet High School. I am a Junior with an G.P.A. of 2.5. I make As, Bs, & little Cs. At school, I am in three extracurricular activities, such as, Varsity Cheerleading, Marching Band, and Indian Ambassadors, another Student Council group. For Cheerleading, I am a flyer and base. For Band, I play the trumpet. Also, for Indian Ambassadors, I am one the Junior leaders of the school. I have many favorites. My favorite hobbies are drawing and dancing. I love to dance and have a passion for art. My favorite food is shrimp. My favorite television show is "Wow Wow Wubzzy" and my favorite movie(s), are any of Madea(Tyler Perry). My favorite sport is baseball. I favorite subject is any history. My favorite song is "Some Nights" by Fun. Also, my favorite color(s) are turquoise, black, and gray.

  • Education
    • Washington-Marion Magnet High | Junior | Class of 2015