Jacob Gordon

Even though I'm more of a pencil guy, I choose a pen because every night in a journal a right reflection about my day. In the journal I right what I did that day, how well I did it, and how much I liked the event. Each journal, depending on how much I did that day, is about two pages long. It takes about an hour to write each one because I'm a slow writer and I like to put a little thought into what I write. Sometime after I write a journal I find a lesson that I learned that day and put it as my last sentence. The reason why I write a journal is for two reasons. The first reason is for when I die I want there to be a book filled with things I do so people can remember who I was and what I did. The second reason is for my own personal memory in case I have to refer back to a moment or I get amnesia. My pen is not just a instrument I use to write with. It's a write of all my memories.