Jacob Garza

I am an extremely knowledgable Marketing specialist, that has learned the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. My goal when it comes to working for a company, is to find ways to build the company up and bring in more revenue. I would say the reason I have been so successful in the entertainment industry, is because i am deeply passionate about giving people the time of their lives. I feel like everyone needs that outlet to just have fun, so I like to help companies create amazing nights for those people to enjoy. My first passion is cooking though it always has been and my goal for that, is to create a restaurant that is based around a comforting, healthy and fresh menu. I want to take familiar culinary concepts and transform them, that way people can still get those same flavors but in a healthier version. I am currently working on going back to school for business management/ marketing, but what i want to do shortly after is open my own restaurant to show people my vision. I am available for marketing consultations for companies, so if you need help with finding what your company is not doing right. I would HIGHLY recommend emailing me for some advice, because even though i have only been in the entertainment industry. I have a knack for finding what would make a company better, and sometimes that means just changing small overlooked things. My 6 years of marketing experience has helped me tons, because I now know how to help a lot of companies out. So overall I am happy with how my journey has played out, but I am not satisfied so I will keep working until I am where I deserve to be. I can be contacted via email for advice at jacobgarza78229@gmail.com, and I am available for more entertainment industry employment. So if you can use a great marketing manager, that has a knack for capturing what will make your company and fans click email me. My reach when it comes to the entertainment industry, is global and I have done it all event marketing, event coordinating, college rep recuiter, promoter recruiter, investor acquisitions, partnership acquisitions, sponsorship acquisitions, venue ookings, artists bookings, event ticket manager, promoter street team management, stage manager, chief financial officer, Chief executive officer, and much more.