Jacob Henenberg

permanently enrolled student and elearning developer in Melbourne, Australia

Patient, respectful digital native with the mindset of a permanently enrolled student. Passionate about digital literacy, transparency, positivity and minimal ego.

The transparency movement has delightfully revolutionised the way I live, thrive and work. I value being a 'No-ego doer' (As social media startup Buffer so delightfully puts it) and focusing on honest self-improvement.

It is a pleasure for me to delight customers. I like to listen first, then listen more to cultivate relationships, understand a diverse range of needs, and deliver happiness.

With keen interests in elearning (Both personal and organisational), social media and voice acting, I can also be found experimenting and iterating in simulation video games (Love city-building games!), curled up with a good read (Enjoy philosophy and sci-fi) or playing basketball with friends.

Weaving all these interests together is my passion for digital literacy and a drive to create meaningful learning experiences for all learners, regardless of their technological proficiency.