Jacob Hruby

Student in Athens, Georgia

Expanding on these hashtags of interests, it told me to pick about five of these little guys to describe who I am and how to catch my eye. But in reality does it just say that I enjoy volunteering to design an educational travel plan...while eating? Possibly. But what this really says is that I enjoy the aesthetics of structures and furnishings, showing a creative attribute to my personality. Traveling kind of speaks for itself, to me its a reward for hard work and lets someone experience something new. Now a days education is just about the only thing that someone can't take away from a person, to me this is probably one of the most important attribute. Education can broaden so much for an individual and can keep the mind interesting. For volunteering, it is always important to give back to the people and the community that a person resides in and builds character. Last but not least, food. Food is the reason we are able to do all of these things and personally gives me motivation haha. On that note, I'm going to upgrade my hamburger.