Social Media

Chances are, when scrolling through job adverts, you skip right past market analyst roles to something which sounds more familiar or fun. But a career as an analyst can be one of the more dynamic positions in the marketing mix.

As a market analyst your job is to study information to help your employer or client make informed decisions about their market. This could range from what markets to launch a product in, to the price you might charge for something.

The information you analyse could be presented as numbers or words. For the former you need to be highly numerical and able to make sense of large sets of numbers. Statistical skills are useful – maths and analytics qualifications are also key. To analyse text, it's about digesting large quantities of information to understand what's relevant and what's not.

For both you will present your opinion, based on the analysis, in written reports and presentations. Attention to detail and the ability to interpret and communicate information effectively is key for this aspect of the role.

Like in so many roles, the internet, social media and Twitter have begun to revolutionise some aspects of research analysis. There is a more immediate response to requests for information and greater access to a wider pool of information. This means you can identify trends and patterns of behaviour more quickly and efficiently.