Jacob Samuelson

Current: BD and strategy with Coursera, providing improve educational opportunities for millions around the world.

2013: w/ Learn Capital funding education startups with early stage VC.

2012-2013: Wharton MBA, helping lead Wharton Social Venture Fund, and consulting for ed tech VCs and startups.

2012: w/ edtech gaming startup Kuato Studios.

2011 w/ Acumen Fund, helping business that address underserved populations around the globe.

2009-2011 w/ Global Impact Investing Network (2nd employee) helping investors with new approaches to create social and financial returns. Developed and managed ImpactBase, a global database of impact investment funds.

2006 - 2009 w/ The Monitor Group, consulting with a primary focus on media and technology strategy.

2002-2006 at Harvard studying behavioral economics.