Jacob Liford

Drum coves is kind of a new project for me. Well at least posting them on youtube.Ive been playing drums for fifteen years now. I started playing the snare drum in middle school band. When I got into 8th grade I started marching bass drum. I marched bass for two years and then moved up to marching snare for the remaining 3 years of school. I took interest in playing the drum kit around my 10th grade year for pep band and jazz band.

In 2000 after graduation I pretty much just played around the with the drums in my bedroom. It wasn't in till around 2004 that I got into playing with a live band. I've been with a few different bands but just can't seem to find anyone that is dedicated to playing the way that I am. Once I got that first taste of playing live in front of a crowd I was addicted.

When my last band fell apart I pretty much just quite. I didn't play drums for well over a year. It wasn't in till recently that I dove into make drum covers. I figured I have the equipment I may as well use it some how. Anyway hope you guys enjoy!