Jacob Maddox

Jacob is passionate about establishing and maintaining relationships with members of the business, nonprofit, government and real estate development industries. He facilitates and coordinates innovative means to raise capital, including equity, debt, grants, tax credits, power purchase agreements, energy performance contracting and capital fundraising with governmental, nonprofit and private groups.

Jacob oversees the formation and provides oversight of the project development teams; the project feasibility analysis, and the project management including but not limited to site identification and assembly, contract negotiations, pre-construction management, marketing and sales. Jacob also coordinates the creation and oversight of the revenue, expense and cash flow projections for company operations.

Jacob was also recently contracted for one year to be the Renewable Energy Inspector & Administrator for the Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Feed In Tarif (FIT) programs at Maui Electric. He completed over 300 inspections totaling over 25MW of power on RE systems during that time and also completed the following administrative duties for the programs such as; circuit penetration inquiries, data entry and completion of NEM and FIT paperwork.