Jacob Maier

I am a senior at North Dakota State University majoring in Computer Science. I am graduating May 2012 and I am currently looking for a Application Development position in the Fargo-Moorhead Area.

Over the past several years I've maintained both full time status at work and school. This has provided me with both the real world experience and classroom training that a lot of new graduates may not have. Through school and individual projects I have gained experience with a number of programming languages and systems. These include Java, SQL, html, and JavaScript along with working with Oracle databases for my Database Systems and Object Orientated systems classes. I recently learned VB.NET for my capstone project, and I am currently teaching myself C# for a project I am working on in my spare time.

Over the past seven years I have worked for Phoenix International. I started on the production floor where I quickly became an On-the-Job Trainer, and then a Team Lead soon after. After two years as a lead I received a promotion supporting Supply Management. This position started primarily as data entry and running existing reports, but it quickly evolved. With the implementation of a new ERP system I became the primary tester and trainer for our department. I created and executed test procedures during its development. Once it was implemented I then held training classes and created and maintained training documents. With my continuing education my role has expanded again in the past couple years. I now assess software needs and make the requests for development when needed. I write the requirement documents for the software projects that affect Supply Management. I also develop, implement, and maintain reports when they are needed by the department. These roles have given me experience with software development, Oracle databases, and the Agile workflow in a corporate environment. On top of these duties, this past year I chaired the committee that puts on the annual supplier conference, and lead a cross functional team in the development and implementation of a supplier criticality tool.