Jacob Mortensen

Denmark, Aalborg

Some years ago I asked myself; Ho do I want to be? How am I going to get there?

Simpel questions that was so hard hard to answer. Even harder because I am a person who wants to have everything!

I digged deep down and found, that I there was two things that I certantly wanted. I wanted to have succes with my training and with my working life. So I made a short term goal; that I should obtain a Masters degree. More precisely I wanted a Masters degree in the field of technology related to manufacturing.

I took learn by the Danish elite soldier B.S. Christiansen who says "A goal without a plan is just a dream". I made a plan to strive to obtain the degree as fast as i could and at the same time keep up with my training program and meal plans.

I live my life by some rules, which comes from some of the people that i admire;

1.Trust yourself

2.If youre not getting better, someone out there is and then he will beat you

3. Don't be afraif to fail

4. Work your butt off; No pain No gain

So where am I now? I am about to reach the last milestone in my short term plan. That is that I am about to finish my Masters degree and need a company in which I can write my Master thesis. My training is going better than ever and I feeling motivated to strive to get succes in my working life!

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    • Master of Science in production systems