Jacob Weintraub

Miami, Florida, United States

Hello reader!

My name is Jacob Nathan Weintraub and I am honored that you are taking time away from your day, to learn a little more about me. As my subheading of my name indicates, I am a student at Ransom Everglades part of the 2018 class. Since entering high school, I have been drawn to the world of debate, and also the diversity leadership and what being an ally is all about. I have studied the Chinese language since 7th grade and have played baseball as far as I can remember. I am an energetic student with a motivation to learn, but I am not perfect... no one is perfect (thanks Hannah Montana). I have been given great advice from multiple teachers over the years that the only way to grow is to fail, and although I have never failed, I do understand that struggle is necessary to thrive in any environment. I am not one for having many friends, but the close relationships i do have mean a lot to me. There is nothing better than being in bed and either reading a fascinating book or watching a good movie/T.V. show. Once again, thank you for taking some of your time to learn a little more about me.