Jacobo Arguelles

Metepec MEX

Visionary executive with 15 years ok experience in retail, convenience stores and grocery stores, knowing absolutely all processes and positions en de various formats of the business. Leader for taste and conviction, motivated to show the best results, thinking like a business owner. Solid, strong and intact values acquired by inheritance an learned un life. 20 years of married, anda father since the age 17 of twoo beautiful twins and a small boy, my family are my inspiration and motivation from day to day. Lover of the study, particularly in leadership and business management, coach y trainer un various universities on issues of leadershipp and control of your life. Businessman and entrepreneur by nature. Passionate about diving, motorcycling, camping and fiching. Panamerican swimming champion. My succes is based in my own theories of contribution to the companies and experience in all their jobs. My challenges: ever the best in all my responsabilities, as an executive, as father an husband, but always grateful for open your eyes every morning.

  • Work
    • Tiendas 3B
  • Education
    • Master in development organizational
    • bachelor in business administration