Jacobo Braun

Born in Mexico City in 1971, undertook my studies of photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California, after moving to Los Angeles where he worked as a freelance doing celebrity portraits for magazines such as the Week in Spain and I also like Communications professor at the AMERICAN INSTITUTE in Hollywood Ca Returning to Mexico he begins an editorial journey in EDITORIAL TELEVISA, as staff photographer, then as a photographer REFORMA GROUP . My experience as editor of photography begins in the newspaper Excelsior, and continuing EDITORIAL GROUP EXPANSION in Life and Style magazine, Audi, Ambientes and Chornos. He did publishing project in Kosovo to a year of its independence. Investigative reports in Pristina, Kosovo (2008) Report on the Office of Missing Persons and Forensics Services, United Nations Essay on Mexican Migration to EEUUA (home of the Inmigrant Tijuana BC) Portraits of a group of Holocaust survivors (Mexico DF), recently I have worked as a fixer with PLAYBOY INC and Christopher Anderson (Magnum Photos), hired by the Norewian Embassy in Mexico for the official Visit of the Prince and Princess of Norway, as well as professor at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana. Most recent Fixed for Joe Readle from Getty Images, covering the Human Influenza epidemy in Mexico City. And most recent covered the State Visit of Queen Beatrix from the Netherlands to Mexico, for the embassy in Mexico.