Jacob Pander

Portland OR

Jacob Pander is a filmmaker and visual artist. Dramatic narrative work includes the award winning feature film, Selfless. He has also directed music videos for artists such as Fantastic Plastic Machine, Howie B., and Spacer, and a number of short films including the cult hit, ‘The Operation’. Jacob’s film and video work has garnered top awards and been featured in film festivals around the world. Jacob collaborates extensively with his brother, Arnold, working together as the Pander brothers. The two have collaborated on a number of films, and notable independent comic books and graphic novels including Secret Broadcast (Oni Press), Exquisite Corpse (Dark Horse comics), Accelerate (Image Comics), Triple-X International (Dark Horse Comics), Matt Wagner’s Grendel: Devil’s Legacy (Dark Horse Comics), and Batman: City of Light (DC Comics).

  • Work
    • Film Director, Graphic Novelist