Jacob Porter

Student, Editor, and boxing in Mexico

I am an owner of a youtube channel and I like to record and edit videos. Getting a pc started my youtube career, I used to box and I won a gold medal at a competition.

Not much has happened to me over these 15 years but I am sure I will run into some problem that I will have to overcome and I am very confident in my abilities to overcome any obstacle. I have learned many things about myself over the years one being that I have a very mature and smart way of thinking and it is hard to show because I have trouble applying it to school but outside of school I know how smart I am.

Lately in the world there has been an uprising of expressing yourself and how you want to be identified and viewed but this has been taken to an extreme which really annoys me. I do not find myself really caring about things that happen around the world yet I know one day I will but currently nothing really strikes me or makes me passionate. My goals are to become very popular on my youtube channel and make money off it so I can make money doing what I love to do which is edit videos and record them.