Dan Jacobs

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My name is Dan Jacons, and for the 35 last years I've been working on bhair loss issues. My studies are famous throught the world, the last one of them about the connection between Saw Plametto and Acne .

Hair loss treatment
Saw Palmetto:
Saw Plamettois a vitamin belonging to the family of b vitamins are water-soluble . When this deficiency may arise excessive hair loss . If that is important to note that this is not so common . In case the hair loss actually caused by low Biotin , can be solved easily by the body via the biotin supply certain foods or artificially . Foods that contain biotin are eggs , liver and internal organs , yeast found in breads and spoke different pastries , cereals and more.
Biotin helps set the body metabolizes fatty acids relating scalp so very essential for healthy hair .
Our bodies get the supply of biotin naturally through food , and as well as by own production of certain bacteria in the gut. Rare situations , due to diet or digestive problems severe (eg disease Celiac , compassion and colitis Aoltzroseh ) may be created shortage of Biotin in the body which cause among other things hair loss.
Another connection between the shortage of Biotin hair loss is Biotin deficiency can cause seborrhea , a skin disease that causes scaly, fats scalp and hair loss.

Minerals :
Zinc :
Zinc is important in the body cell renewal and growth of tissues . A zinc deficiency may result in hair loss . Normal consumption of zinc for an adult is 15 mg per day.
Veil: can cause immune system suppression , loss of other minerals (such as calcium, iron , etc.).

The primary role of iron in the body is to carry oxygen in the bloodstream to all cells in the body. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Normal dose for an adult is 18 milligrams a day. To consumption without a prescription .
Side effects from overdosage are: damage to the liver and heart , acute condition usually appears accompanied by diarrhea stomach cramps .

Different drugs :
There are lots of products for dealing with baldness , the products are drugs taken orally , cosmetic shampoos and solutions for external use ( school ointments ) , but to date, only two products have received medical clearance familiar functionality and these are: Minoxidil and Hfroftzih .

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