Tanner Jacobson

Tanner Jacobson is a first year undergraduate student at Texas Tech University. I am studying at the Rawls college of Business. Tanner Jacobson brings a very well-rounded perpective that helps him get along with many different types of people. Tanner is a patient worker but likes to get things done early in a responsive manner. Tanner has a realistic understanding of the different levels of the work force and could find his niche in various types of jobs in each level of the operation of a company. Tanner has always been a part of a team and has had many different roles on these teams, from Captain to Teammate. Tanner has also had different jobs from a simple host at a seafood restaurant to a entrepenurship DJ business. Tanner knows how it feels to be his own boss but also how to work with people everyday and serving the customer. Tanner plans to have his degree in four years with work in a internship with an established business with a great feel for a recognized company so he can be very prepared post graduation.