Jacob Sumpter

My name is Jacob Sumpter and I'm addicted to bowling. Since I was four years old, I have hurled giant spheres of death down old wooden lanes to produce the sensation of "enjoyment." I started my journey at the Fort Gordon Bowling Alley in Augusta, GA. Swish! The automated doors flung open and the smell of fried food, beer, and foot spray filled my nostrils. After passing the rainbow of bowling balls countless times and spending thousands of dollars on games, I realized my addiction. Instead of letting my addiction control me, I controlled it. I started entering multiple bowing tournaments across the southeast. Through practice, determination, and exhausted fingers, I achieved three bowling scholarships, two city titles and one state title. Now that I am attending UGA, I have to place my bowling career on hold. In order to receive the best education possible, I knew that I wouldn't have the time to dedicate to bowling that was needed to maintain my skill level. Since bowling has always been a part of my life, this was the hardest decision I have ever made. I know that people might think that it is unbelievable or ludicrous to put bowling on that high of a status, but it was the only aspect of my life that remained stable. If my life was getting stressful or I was having major issues in my life, I would retire my mind to the bowling alley and heal from the beautiful sounds of a ball crashing into the pins. Even though I'm unable to bowl in this chapter of my life, I'm still addicted to the ten pins that allowed me to write these pages.