Jacob Vandor

Haifa, Israel

I have always been passionate about history and the ocean. As a boy I soaked up knowledge of ancient explorers, intrepid merchants, sea-farers, and ocean-going wanderers sowing the seeds of culture and civilization. I’ve gained first-hand knowledge of the sea as a California State lifeguard making ocean rescues. I have learned much as a Scientific Diving Assistant Instructor for the University of Hawaii teaching students how to SCUBA safely and scientifically. In my free time I am an avid surfer, kayaker, stand up paddle boarder, and recreational scuba diver.

I decided to study in Israel hoping to learn about the pioneering seafaring nations that once called this coastline home. We come from the sea. It is undeniably a dynamic force, an element of who we are. Certainly of who I am. I want to explore waters where the ancients have sailed, exchanging culture and goods, maintaining vast networks of trade, building diplomacy and forging connections amongst peoples and nations. I am enthralled with the study of history, our common cultural interaction with the sea, and would love nothing more than to combine my fervent passion for the ocean with an archaeologist’s quest for answers.

  • Work
    • Seasonal Ocean Lifeguard
  • Education
    • Master's program Maritime Civilizations