Our names are Jen, Ana, and Chrissy, and we are currently starting an ensemble called, “JACOPERA.” We are trained opera singers who want to bring classical music to the younger generation by giving it a fresh face so that it becomes stronger in American culture. Europeans know the stories & music of Opera the way Americans know popular cartoons and movies, and we want to make Americans just as familiar. Listening to classical music can help the brain develop in many ways, and wouldn’t it be great to have a smarter upcoming generation and leave the world a better place? We think so.

We are Social Divas, naturally, and we started a few Instagram accounts: @jacopera_(formerly known as PoshiesNYC), @lasolaluce, and @unitedstatesofadiva. Watch us as we post about our lives as singers, accentuating the positive, discovering amazing people, and navigating all of our states of emotions. All the while honoring divas that are living/have already lived, delivered with sass & humor or any crazy meme to express ourselves, our outer-selves, for our “poshies”.

BUT what are “poshies,” exactly?

It started as an inside joke. Jen and Chrissy would say “hashtag: posh” whenever one of them did something they thought was high-class. The hashtag looks suspiciously similar to the sharp symbol used in music, and the “p” could easily be replaced with an eighth note, and so it seemed extra appropriate for these Opera singing divas to combine the two together. Jen's brother Justin suggested that we start a blog cataloging our adventures, and the idea began. Chrissy knew Ana from graduate school, and the two struggled together as gracefully and as posh as possible through the trials and tribulations of a Master's degree in Vocal Performance. They all came together to create this idea, to share our lives as young artists in NYC, SF, and the world as our playground.

Yours Truly,

~ Jen, Ana, & Chrissy

We are #poshiesNYC

We are #jacopera

Making opera tangible, accessible, and relevant

Live a life worth singing about.™

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