Jacopo Maria Grassi

Government employee, aero/heli Pilot, and photography in Italy

Jacopo Maria Grassi

Government employee, aero/heli Pilot, and photography in Italy

Trieste, l'ancienne capitale de l'émpire Austro Hongrois, est le lieu de ma naissance.

La photographie, laquelle que m'a remplit les loisirs: le profiter du bon moment, l'activité en plein air puisque l'etude des langues et ses influences chez l'activité professionelle où se recontre toujours... superbe!

Apres tout je suis:

-un pilote militaire des avions/hélicoptères;

- Enquêteur qualifié au sécurité des vols et la santé au travail.


Born in Trieste -one of the capital cities of the Austrian Hungarian empire (19th cent). I learnt to fly in 2001 and I have been flying since then(helicopters pilot now).

My Leica has teached me how I can be emphatic with people: I love spending my free time learning "how to suck out the best from them" (stricken dumb with surprise faces and so on... for ex.).

Waver between hawkish statements and dovish ones when speaking is not my cup of tea: straightforward is my desirable direction -within "politically correct" terms-. Anyway, I refrain from being moody, I am sociable and kind hearted.

Mentioned below you find something paintstakingly right (stated by David Hume).

"Discussions with pertinacious, stubborn people hard to "move" by their built-up manners are obnoxious and tenacious, except for those meetings made with extremely unfair people who cannot trust in what they say, trying to defend their statements, furthermore they are controversial on purpose -just to be as it is or demonstrate superior intellectual capacities and a stronger brain power on everybody."

*I hope you've accepted it*

Pascal underlined that it is not a good thing to have all one's needs satisfied: I totally agree with, even if it could be better sometimes.

More has still to come... let's make it happen!

Left pict.: "Ways... to get it through"

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    • ITalian Air Force
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    • Baccalauréat internationale