Jacquees Thomas

New York, New York, United States

Jacquees Thomas is an American actor, painter, marketeer and filmmaker. She left college after studying film production to pursue filmmaking/acting and the arts. She started off her career with an off-broadway play. After performing in NYC and traveling with an independent theater company, she started training with Stuart Burney and the acclaimed Suzan Batson. During this time she also began to make her name in the world of radio. Gaining a managerial position working with the leading radio stations in NYC at Emmis Communications. This position offered her the opportunity to work on voiceover's and introduced her to the business side of the industry. The economy started to take a dramatic turn and without the constraints of a 9 to 5, she went on an exploration of Europe; including a meditation retreat in the mountains of Switzerland. After returning to the states, she was eager to build and work with various like-minded creatives to develop projects that not only grasp the attention of a wide audience for entertainment, but also simultaneously capture and encourage true artistry. In 2010, Ms. Thomas started a blog entitled ARTCITZEN, which has now grown and is still growing towards becoming a nonprofit platform in support of the arts and forward thinking artists.

Jacquees, has exhibited her artwork within several arena’s including the: Marfa (Donald Judd) inspired Gallery, The Klimpton Park Avenue Hotel, Benefits: in support of Stanifit - The Shleroferma Reserch Foundation, and has worked as curator at the former Andy Warhol Studio – 8 Bond Street and the DASH Gallery.

As a Director, Producer and Visual Artist her work has been featured on Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV Jamz, and many more... With the launch of her production company, SILVERSTARDUST much is to be expected in the near good future. Visit ICHIBANTHEFILM.COM to see the first short film from SILVERSTARDUST STUDIOS.

Having a consistent background within the fields of communication, marketing and art makes for a "triple threat win win" combination.

Visit this link to see my portfolio/previous works: http://cargocollective.com/jacqsilver

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