Jacqueline Castillo

East Hanover, NJ

I am spirited, social, family and animal oriented, with the hunger to learn. Audiobooks, researching through the internet, and continuing education are important to me for my career and personal growth. Special attention to the mind, body, and spirit.

Health, fitness, and massage comes natural to me. I hope to teach and motivate others with my research, education (certified with NASM and diploma from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage), and passion to the industry. I blog, tweet, (you tube coming soon) personal train, massage, coach on nutrition, and am an advocate to bettering your overall health.

The name of my company is Feel Better Nude. Catchy. I love it. It is meant to connect the love and relationship with oneself. To feel better in your own skin! Question. When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you like who and what you see? Not just the exterior. The inside too. Are you proud? To feel better nude is to love all of you. To be happy inside and out. You do not have to be "ripped or skinny". All you have to do is "be healthy". Healthy, in all three elements. Sometimes, we need to be guided and that's okay. Or else, I wouldn't have a job! ;)

I am also co-owner of K-9 Fitness & Home Pet Care. I love animals and believe they too deserve the best health, love and fitness as we do!!

On another note, I love my home, nature and the outdoors. It is where I feel the most at peace. I am also trying to develop my artistic and creative side through photography and soon my guitar.

We all need outlets, self development, love, passion, and respect for life itself. We will never stop learning and I am very happy to do so. Or else, life would be really boring!

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