Jacqueline Schoonover

El Cajon, California, USA

I’m a looney, strong-minded, insightful, curious, analytical, caring laid-back grown-up kid with a “Quirky Sense of Humor”, and a “Desire to Know.”

I enjoy being creative, reading, & discovering new places, people, thing &?? Laughing, helping learning & sharing makes me happy.

I have an Intense Dislike for “Irrational Hostility” caused by an Individual’s or Societies Stupidity and Refusal to just "Agree to Disagree."

I believe laughter, can heal our hearts and minds if we would allow ourselves to feel and experience it. I think that we all have to start being more kind because it can work wonders towards bringing tranquility, harmony and peacefulness into our lives instead of the stress, anxiety and hostilities that are running amuck amongst us around the world. If we do “what’s right,” & Keep an Open-Mind, showing tolerance towards others beliefs and practices, to “Agree to Disagree”, we can someday heal our hearts, protect the planet and our children will have a future.

"Nobody said life would be easy,
they just promised it would be worth it."

  • Work
    • Retail, Customer Service, MOM
  • Education
    • High School, College, Med Ins, Comp Techology, And Living Life