Jacqueline Brecher


I am a daydreamer at heart, no dream is too large. I grew up in a lovely home in Arizona with three older brothers and two fiercely accomplished parents. Somewhere between all that love, and my families comically competitive nature, my dreams arose.

Having just welcomed my new baby to the world I have never been more whimsical or determined to succeed. Something about looking into his eyes and seeing a future so wide-open, is inspiring.

I love adventure, and travel. I spent 8 months traveling Europe, finding happiness in the oddest moments. Waking up in Genoa when I meant to hop a train to Geneva, sleeping in a train station, or how my total inability to navigate the streets of Florence resulted in me stumbling into a lovely hidden café and devouring the best food I have ever eaten, I’m drooling at this moment thinking about it and frantically trying to remember the name so I can return one day....Antica Osteria? This is going to drive me crazy now.

I believe in the benefits of getting lost and the positive strengths you acquire during periods of struggle or wondering. Happily, I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to wander long enough to know which direction I wish to go.
I believe in hard work, and so admire those who have achieved their highest in both personal and professional success. With the support of my husband and the motivation that comes with becoming a mother I am resolute to focus on my professional goals. I have some grand ideas for my future (and since winning the lottery may not pan out- although it still may someday) I know that the best complement to all my grit is a little practicality and hard core studying. I look forward to this journey.

In my professional life, I worked for US Airways in my hometown of Phoenix as a Senior Financial Analyst in the Tech Ops controller group where I was able to gather extensive accounting, financial, and operational experience. In 2012, I left US Airways for my current role as a Senior Financial Analyst at UT Southwestern in Dallas and specialize in project and cost savings analysis.

  • Work
    • UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • Education
    • Arizona State University