Jacqueline Edwards

As an EDUCATOR I know a lot, so I share a lot. Mostly because I learn a lot from looking to understand before I’m understood. That trait is what makes me the sponge I am. As a SPEAKER I give straight talk where the audience comes away with tons of information. Yes, I consider myself an AUTHOR; [big smile] I have written dozens of business articles — and I promise the books are coming soon. My PASSION is … education. I’m excited about how people can succeed with it. Real talent is … being confident in what you know, and being able to demonstrate it without being arrogant. I am … a TEAM PLAYER. I don’t have an ego, but I do have an agenda: to finish what I start and win, because I like to be my best. I resent … the notion people think they cannot accomplish anything they set their mind to. Who told them that lie? People need to remember just because it isn’t easy does not mean it’s not possible. It just means you have to work harder than usual. I’m inspired by … POTENTIAL because there is no time limit on it, no expiration date. Your potential can change from time to time, but as long as you always reach for it, the path where you are supposed to be will reveal itself. POTENTIAL will never bring you down the wrong path. I keep working because … my full POTENTIAL needs to be MATERIALIZED. And every time it happens it’s an uplifting moment; that's why I'm so proud of my consulting firm and real estate firm. As for free time, I love to ride my bike, raise Orchids, shoot photography, and, the rest of it you’ll come to know from my posts.