Jacqueline Fairbrass

Transforming lives from stuck to spectacular. I'm a tea-drinking Brit in the US, healing & teaching with coaching, hypnotherapy & magic. In-person and on-line.

Feeling Absolutely Fabulous is getting your life together so you can sleep well, have more fun and live to a ripe old age. All the while, looking and feeling absolutely fabulous.

Hello, I'm Jacqueline Fairbrass, Holistic Health Consultant with over 20 years experience working with clients one-on-one and in groups.I'm the Founder of School of Complementary Therapies teaching complementary and alternate health care since 1993

I'm now a Dazzling Diva, but was once a Dreary Depressive. My chaotic childhood, turbulent teens & ridiculous relationships taught me to Beat the Blues, Quit the Meds & Jump Outta Bed. Join me and start to live life Feeling Absolutely Fabulous.

Based in Seattle East, WA bringing holistic health education and awareness to my Licensed Hypnotherapist practise. Consultations by phone or Skype. In-person consultations in SnoValley, WA

Specializing in: Anxiety Management | Holistic Health | Spirituality | Depression | Happiness | Life Coach | Sleep Fabulously | Body Acceptance | Weight Loss | Improve Performance | Manage Anxiety & Pain | Gain Mental Clarity

Transforming lives from stuck to spectacular

Gentle change leads to permanent results

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