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Have yourecently been charged with a criminal offense, one such as identity theft or aDUI? Are you worried about the criminal process that is to come? If so, youwant to garner the honest and effectual study that a professional from The LawOffices of Jacqueline Goodman will be able to provide. Attorney Goodman foundedthe firm on a foundation of solid integrity and a tenacious passion forjustice, which only serves to help you and your case. She has been honored withthe 2012 Skip Glen Award by the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice,while she also boasts features on mainstream news networks such as FOX® andCNN®. With years of experience and an honest concern for you and your family,Attorney Goodman is the best choice for your future. Don’t wait any longer, butbegin again today. Contact a criminal defense attorney serving Orange County now to begin working towards the case completion you need!