Jacqueline Haddad

Consultant, Project Manager, and Public Speaker in London, United Kingdom

I am an experienced Brazilian lawyer, qualified since 1999,specialising in Civil Litigation and Finance. In Brazil I worked for large law firms and companies and was directly involved in cases that received nationwide acclaim.

Currently I am studying Executive MBA in Professional Development where I expand my professional experience in the international executive area, enhancing multidisciplinary negotiation relationships, designing projects, mentoring and presenting corporative solutions to the company's mission.

During my 18 years of practising law I have developed skills in logical reasoning, self-motivation and leadership, while simultaneously assuming responsibility for project management and public relations.

Also included producing a wide range of statutory documentation,agreements, setting up and managing client files, carrying out research, managing the billing process, processing teams' expenses and maintaining administration systems.

I had worked at Rio +20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development), Brazil as a coordinator of investment management and innovation. This gave me more experience in research, industry knowledge and customer services. I am also familiar with UKTI, Trade& Investment, which I had the opportunity to be introduced on that occasion. I have developed the capacity to think creatively and entrepreneurially and believe my experience in the law arena,innovation, business and research makes me well qualified.

I am a good team player with excellent communication skills, and with good knowledge of how to deal with special situations. I am very motivated person and keen to make a difference.


- Internationalisation Manager

-Consultant Lawyer/ Executive Business

-Communicator and Mediator

-Brazilian Legal Consultant & Immigration matters


-Senior Lawyer

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    • Brazil - United Kingdon - Europe