Jacqueline Post

Springfield, Missouri

I am currently transitioning to a new role as a graduate student. Beginning in January, I will attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. I will be getting my MBA, with an emphasis in marketing.

As an undergraduate student at MSU, I've completed my B.S. in Advertising & Promotion and will complete my B.S. in Marketing Management this December. I've had great learning experiences in my student roles in Advertising Club and Opal Agency. I'm very appreciative for the time I've spent working in the Marketing Services Department at BluCurrent Credit Union. This opportunity has allowed me to apply my educational experiences to the real world.

I credit my passion for brand development to my desire to help market the companies and organizations that are doing the right thing. This includes non-profits and small "mom and pop" businesses that are still rooted in values. Marketing is powerful and can help communicate what a business can't on its own.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, and sports. I love playing basketball and tennis. I hope to learn how to play golf this spring. I recently adopted a puppy from the Humane Society and am embracing the joy of being a dog owner.