Jacqueline Richey

Billings, Montana

Jacqueline Richey

Billings, Montana

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Fall 2015

Liberty and Bridleless is the foundation for having a thought connection with your horse. Lightness, fluid and beautiful movement begin with the relationship being built on trust.

Western Dressage and Liberty and Bridleless Clinics for 2015

Why learning Western Dressage is really extending the health of your horse!

Its like Cross Training for horses and humans!! Riding from the core of the horse, systematic and gradual development. When we take the time to properly develop the horses joints and musculature, the horse is able to perform with immense power and grace. You can jump that fence with less effort, run faster, turn easier and stop quicker. Regardless of the discipline, a horse educated in dressage principles will perform with much greater ease, coordination and, power.

What Will I learn in a Western Dressage Intro-Level Clinic

Interested in but aren't quite sure where to start? The clinic is designed to introduce the basics of dressage in supportive, friendly and relaxed setting. We will cover the elements that are essential for every movement at every level of dressage.

The Basics - turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand and beginning pirouette, turn on the center and roll backs.Perfect start for those riders struggling to overcome fear. Dressage will help the rider gain confidence in the saddle. For all disciplines, cross-training with dressage will develop a more solid foundation in understanding a correct seat and use of aids.

Basic Western Dressage Terms - Side pass (full pass or full travers), leg yield, half-pass.

3 & 4 Track Movement - shoulder-fore, should-in, haunches in (travers), haunches out (renvers)

What will I learn in a Western Dressage Intermediate Clinic

Dressage emphasizes riding the whole horse with the whole body, you will learn to feel the horse more clearly; how your posture effects your horses movement; and how to use your seat, legs and hands to communicate effectively and humanely. Learn to implement the movements learned in Intro-Level, start learning how these movements are applicable to development of your horses body and mind with you moving as one. We will start to play with training level test

  • Work
    • Teaching others about interacting with their horse
  • Education
    • Billings Senior High School
    • Parelli Natural Horsemanship
    • La Cense Quarter Horse Ranch, Dillon, MT
    • The University of Arizona